In this issue of our DIY guides you'll find that we challenged our resident DIY'er to make something out of plastic bottles which would be useful in the home. We were as usual impressed by what she created and you'll find a guide below on how to do it yourself and make one of these beautiful plastic bottle bouquet lamp shades.

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Step by Step Plastic Bottle Bouquet Lamp shade


The DIY recycled plastic bottle bouquet lamp shade

Finished Bouquet Lamp shadeI look forward to getting new challenges from the team and this week was no exception, I was set the challenge of creating something out of plastic bottles and something that would be useful in the home. My mind first went to creating some kind of small storage in the kitchen but after having a think I thought the transparent nature of plastic bottles lent itself to creating something involving light.

So with light in mind I came up with the bouquet lamp shade made from 100% plastic bottles, you'll find my step by step guide on how to make one below.


Step One

You'll need to find roughly 25 plastic bottles which have the same shape, they can be the same or different colour depending on what you want your lamp to turn out like. You may use slightly less than 25 but it's nice to have spare, I ended up using 24 water bottles as we had lots of them hanging around and they are cheap to buy.

Start by cutting the bottoms off around an inch from the bottom.



Step Two

Once all the bottles are cut, arrange them in a pattern as seen in the photo below, start glueing around 6 together using a glue which once set is heat proof, you can alternatively use staples to keep them together.


Step Three

Start to mould the shape into a sphere, adding bottle bottoms one at a time to make sure you keep the shape.


Step Four

Don't full make a sphere as you'll need a gap for the bulb to go in, make sure you make the gap the perfect size to rest on the lamp you will use.


Step Five

You'll need a lamp for this step, make sure it is one like in the photo as this will make resting it on the outside simple and easy, you can secure it in place with a dab of glue or some double sided tape.


Step Six

Time to turn it on, you'll see it refracts and reflects the light in beautiful shapes and depending on the colour you use you'll be able to see all the different colours produced by the different coloured plastics light up your room.


The Guide

Would you do anything differently? If so let me know and don't forget to comment and link to photos of your own recycled plastic bottle creations.