Christening Gifts

The special day when a child is christened is something that we all love to celebrate and so buying christening gifts is an important task to make sure you get right. We've made it our aim to source the most unique and thoughtful presents which can be given as keepsakes, mementos and items which will be loved on the special day.We have a variety of items from personalised clocks to engraved items which can be something that will be held on by the child for the rest of their life. It's become a tradition for people to give gifts on this important day and often the ceremony will finish with items being given to the family, many people opt for keepsakes which are to be kept for years in the future and so we have a mix of items that fit this criteria. No matter if you're just a friend to the family or taking a role of godparent to the child you'll want to make sure that you give something that is appreciated.