Engraved Vases

Many people give flowers on occasions such as birthdays but giving a personalised vase as a gift is often a great alternative as it's something that can be kept for years in the future. Our range of engraved vases let you give the gift of something that can hold countless flowers in the future and they are personal as you can personalise each one with a message of your choice.

We have a range of different styles from traditional bullet shape vases to modern square ones to the popular Swarovski Heart Vase that we sell, you'll find that once you have given someone a personalised vase they'll bring it out whenever they have been given or bought flowers so it'll be a gift which is useful and special. Each of our vases are packaged securely so that they arrive to you in perfect condition ready for you to give as a gift or if you have bought for yourself they are ready for some flowers to go in them. You can either give the vases on their own or purchase some flowers to go in them so that you give them both the engraved vase and something for them to put out in it straight away.

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