Personalised Jigsaw Puzzles

Whether you're buying personalised jigsaw puzzles for yourself or as a gift you'll find a huge range of jigsaws available for you to choose from on this page. We have everything from cute kittens to football photos all of which include a personalised name which you choose and we then put into the image and then print the jigsaw for you. We then put it in a presenation box and send it out to you ready for to either wrap up and give to someone or to start the puzzle yourself.

All of our puzzles are 400 piece puzzles unless otherwise stated so they will take you a while to complete but that's all part of the fun, whether you are an expert at jigsaw puzzles or you rarely do them it will still offer you hours of fun and relaxation while you try and finish it to see the completed image. Often these are given at special times such as Christmas when families get together and spend time with each other and starting a jigsaw can be a great way for all the family to be together and help each other to complete something. If you can't find a jigsaw that you are after then please do get in touch as we have a wide catalogue of different images which we can use so there may be one that we haven't added to the site yet. 

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