Personalised Books

We have a range of different books which can be made personal with various different options, some allow you to personalise the cover where as others personalise the entire book which you'll read and see the personalised bits throughout the book. These personalised books make excellent gifts as they are something that won't be read once but kept and read on multiple occassions. 

Especially popular for children they offer something more personal and encourage children to read, with well known books and characters such as SpongeBob Square Pants, Toy Story and Dora the Explorer they offer something that the children will want to read and when they see their name in it they will instantly add it to their favourite books to read. Within our personalised books you'll find that you can personalise them with anything from one to six names so if you just want to have the person you're giving it to's name in it you can but you can also add friends or family names into the other characters too.