Personalised Water Bottles

We all know how important is to drink plenty of water and keep hydrated, for this reason buying a personalised water bottle for your child will mean they'll be more than happy to drink more especially as the bottle will feature their name on it. Not only this but the designs are fun, creative and the bottles are durable. We have a range of different designs to choose from and to customise including cotton zoo, bang on the door, animal and football designs.

Another advantage of giving your child personalised water bottles are that they won't lose them as easily as they'll know which is their drinking bottle as it'll have their name on it. Each bottle is made from aluminium and features a plastic lid, you can fill it with any drink of your choice from water to orange squash and give it to your child to drink from. Perfect to take to school as an alternative to giving them a plastic bottle or fizzy drink and it'll not only last longer it will be healthier if you fill it with water. Remember we personalise each of the water bottles for no extra charge, the price you see is the price you pay.