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Personalised Unicorn Gifts

Add some sparkle with a unicorn gift, our cute personalised unicorn gifts are popular with girls of all ages. Most gifts can be personalised with names and messages to suit the recipient.

Unicorns are creatures of legend, our unique range of unicorn gifts offer a sprinkle of magic that will make anyone smile. Browse our extensive range of unicorn gifts and find something extra special for the unicorn lover in your life.

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5 Fun Unicorn Facts

  1. Unicorns have magical powers!
  2. A unicorn absorbs it's energy directly from the sun, it doesn't need to eat anything.
  3. They live in small family groups deep in the magical forest.
  4. Their eyes are blue or purple.
  5. If you touch a unicorn you will find eternal joy and happiness.

Many people wonder if unicorns are real... Unicorns are still as real today as they ever were, and will be forever!